"Learn to take risks and stretch beyond what you think your capabilities are." - Ella Musolino
Image posted 8 years ago by Alexandra F. (for everyone)
  • 2 months ago, Raul C. said,
    I figthing with the fear of failure
  • 2 months ago, Jeanette H. said,
    stretch beyond what you think are your limits.
  • 2 years ago, Lora H. said,
    Go outside your comfort zone. It's uncomfortable, but in the end feels so good
  • 3 years ago, dina E. said,
    some times its The optimal solution
  • 3 years ago, yu Y. said,
    though it's a hard way for me, i wanna try
  • 4 years ago, julissa P. said,
  • 4 years ago, natalia M. said,
    I did that before
  • 4 years ago, Maria del A. said,
    is really true
  • 4 years ago, Christin G. said,
    Cooooooool pick I love it
  • 5 years ago, Kimberly M. said,
    Right; attempting to think outside the box might even impress yourself.
  • 5 years ago, Nina F. said,
    For sure

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